Brisbane’s oldest Irish Masonic Lodge

Consecrated in 1864 and registered number 8 on the roll of The Grand Lodge of Free and Accepted Masons of Queensland, “The Duke” continues to provide life-enriching friendship, fraternity and ancient moral teachings to its brethren.

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Duke of Leinster Lodge Brisbane Freemason Lodge

Faith. Hope. Charity.

Freemasonry is a social and benevolent fraternity which promotes the moral, intellectual, and spiritual growth of its members via symbolic, ritualistic and allegorical lessons. Freemasonry’s core tenants are faith, hope, charity and brotherhood. Handed down from antiquity, the core virtues of Freemasonry are still relevant in today’s contemporary world. In Masonry, the old tools and ways of the Craftsmen are used to help dramatically and symbolically portray moral truths and life’s lessons.

“And now abideth faith, hope, charity, these three;
but the greatest of these is charity.”

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Explore 150 years of Irish Freemasonry in Brisbane at the Duke of Leinster Lodge. Download a copy of a special commemorative publication to celebrate this important historical milestone.


Brisbane Freemason Lodge
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Follow “The Duke” as we from go from labour to refreshment and share interesting tales of faith, hope and charity from both in and around our lodge and as we visit our friends in other Lodges.


Freemasonry: The Benefits

The benefits of Freemasonry run deep. Becoming a Freemason can put you on the receiving end of life-changing lessons. Becoming a Mason may be easier than you think. Membership is open to all men regardless of your occupation, income or religion.


Brotherhood, Fellowship and Fraternity

Watch our special edition video clips celebrating the fellowship that we’ve recently enjoyed at the Duke of Leinster Lodge . One of the reasons we enjoy Freemasonry is having the opportunity to enjoy the company of Brethren who share a common interest in faith, hope and charity to all mankind.

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Stay up to date with what’s happening in and around the Duke of Leinster Lodge. From labour to refreshment, we’ll keep track of the Duke’s activities and post stories, pictures and anecdotes of Masonic interest.


Living history – ancient lessons for modern lives

Freemasonry tries to impress upon its members the principles of personal responsibility and morality, to give each member an understanding of and feeling for Freemasonry’s character, and to use these lessons in our daily lives.

The Theodore Unmack Firing Glasses

MWBro Theodore Oscar Unmack joined the Duke of Leinster Lodge No 283 in 1866 and became the Right Worshipful Provincial Grand Master of the Irish Constitution of Free and Accepted Masons in Queensland 15 years later.
To celebrate the appointment, MWBro Unmack sent 60 firing glasses to each of the nine Irish Constitution Lodges in the Province, each etched with the square and compasses, the letters TU and the lodge number. The Duke’s glass is still proudly used today.


Theodore Unmack Firing Glass

Consecrated in 1864 as Lodge #283, Grand Lodge of Ireland

Duke of Leinster Lodge warrants

The Duke Warrants

Our first installation was held 150 years ago on the Festival of St John the Baptist, Friday 24 June 1864 under warrant number #283 from the Grand Lodge of Ireland. We later joined with other Qld Lodges to form the United Grand Lodge of Queensland in 1921 and became Lodge #8, UGLQ.


150th Anniversary and 2014 Installation Meeting Gallery

This special celebration was 150 years in the making and also marked a century and a half of Irish Freemasonry in Brisbane. Ladies, guests, visitors and Brethren enjoyed a special presentation by the Grand Master and the Grand Team of Officers inside the Lodge room for this historic occasion.

Brisbane Freemason Lodge

We celebrated our 150th Anniversary with a combined Installation for RWbro Barry Wesphal and his team of Officers on June 28, 2014. The Grand Master and his team of Grand Officers were also in attendance and presided over the meeting and the festivities. After the meeting, ladies and visitors joined the Grand Team in the Lodge room to witness the pageantry. Take a look back on that memorable occasion with photo’s and souvenirs of a special celebration.

Brisbane Freemason Lodge


Duke of Leinster Lodge Brisbane Freemason Lodge

Frequently Asked Questions

We know how difficult it is for most people to separate fact from fiction when discussing Freemasonry especially considering it’s portrayal in the media, Hollywood and the internet. The truth will probably surprise you!


Visit a Duke of Leinster meeting

The Duke of Leinster meetings are open to all members of the United Grand Lodge of Queensland, members of all other Australian blue craft Lodges and Freemasons from all other recognised Lodges worldwide.

The Duke of Leinster Lodge is a working Blue lodge operating under the United Grand Lodge of Queensland constitution and as such, operates in a very similar manner to all other Queensland Lodges. Like many old Lodges, we rejoice in proudly celebrating our heritage – often in the same fashion that our Lodge forefathers have been doing for 150 years. We cordially invite all Brethren to attend a Duke of Leinster meeting and experience the fraternal spirit and good old-fashioned friendship of our Brethren. Come once, come often. You’re most welcome! We’d love to see you!

  • All Freemasons are welcome to visit our meetings
  • Non-Freemasons welcome at our friendly festive board
  • Let’s not discuss politics or religion, let’s enjoy the evening!

Not a Freemason?

That’s OK too! We welcome all visitors, Freemason or not, to our friendly, fraternal festive boards that are held immediately following our monthly meetings. While we may not be as glamorous as some other Lodges, we like to think our festive boards are conducted with a sense of fraternal enjoyment that our visitors will not soon forget. Irish Freemasons are renowned for their hospitality and the Duke of Leinster Lodge strives to keep this proud tradition alive and well.

Curious about Freemasonry?

Come along and be our guest! We’ll show you around the Lodge and introduce you to our members. We’re happy to answer any questions that you may have. As our guest, you’ll experience first-hand one of the best elements of Freemasonry – it gives us regular opportunities to have a laugh and enjoy each others company in a friendly, sincere and light-hearted atmosphere. You’ll feel the weight of the world literally lift off your shoulders as you enjoy authentic Irish hospitality.