The 50th Combined Irish Lodges Night held on Wednesday 19 March 2014 at Stones Corner Masonic Centre in the presence of MW Grand Master Dr Gary Bacon and a large team of Grand Officers making a total audience of 80 Brethren was a most enjoyable evening as part of the Duke of Leinster Lodge No 8 150th Anniversary Year i.e. 1864-2014.

The Degree working in the Lodge Room by the officers of the Hosting Lodges, with the Duke’s Officers in their normal chairs of office, was really well done. The Initiation Ceremony of Bro. Christopher Watts ¬†was excellent and he proved to be a good Candidate for our Lodge, particularly with his speech in response to the Toast to him at the Festive Board.

I felt that the current Members of the Duke of Leinster Lodge No 8 could feel justifiably proud of their Celebration Night in its 150th Year, particularly as the Festive Board presented a beautiful spectacle with decorations of Irish shamrocks and marvellous Irish Lodges Placemats.

The Festive Board was held in a very harmonious manner and it was very apparent that the MW Grand Master enjoyed himself immensely as did the other Freemasons enjoying the Irish atmosphere.

R.W. Bro Stan Rawlings P.A.G.M.
150th Anniversary Committee Convenor



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