16 09, 2014

The History of Irish Freemasonry and The Grand Lodge of Ireland

September 16th, 2014|History|

The Grand Lodge of Ireland is the second oldest in the world and the first evidence for its existence comes from the Dublin Weekly Journal of June 26th 1725. The paper describes an event which took place two days previously on June 24th – a meeting of the Grand Lodge of Ireland to install […]

15 09, 2014

The Early Years

September 15th, 2014|History|

The preliminary meeting to erect a new lodge under the Irish Constitution in Queensland took place on 28 May 1864 which was attended by the following brethren: Thomas Vokes Dudgeon, Alexander Wilson, George Wilkinson, David Elliott and William Higginson. Thomas Vokes Dudgeon was voted to the chair and Bro Higginson was appointed Acting-Secretary.

The following […]

15 09, 2014

The Theodore Unmack Firing Glass

September 15th, 2014|History, Lodge Artifact|

The full history of the TU firing glasses is told elsewhere and can be briefly outlined as follows:

When Theodore Unmack was officially notified in September 1881 that he was the new ProvGM of the Irish Constitution in Queensland he forwarded a consignment of sixty firing glasses to each of the nine Irish Constitution Lodges […]

30 03, 2014

2014 Irish Lodges Night

March 30th, 2014|Meeting|

The 50th Combined Irish Lodges Night held on Wednesday 19 March 2014 at Stones Corner Masonic Centre in the presence of MW Grand Master Dr Gary Bacon and a large team of Grand Officers making a total audience of 80 Brethren was a most enjoyable evening as part of the Duke of Leinster Lodge […]